Division of Decimals by Decimals

The procedure for the division of decimals is very similar to the division of whole numbers. Make the divisor into a whole number by multiplying both it and the dividend by the same number (such as 10, 100, 1000 etc.). An easy way to do this is to move the decimal point to the right end of the divisor and move the decimal point of the dividend the same number of places.

How to divide a four digit decimal number by a two digit decimal number (e.g. 0.424 ÷ 0.8).

  • Place the divisor before the division bracket and place the dividend (0.424) under it.
  • Multiply both the divisor and dividend by 10 so that the divisor is not a decimal but a whole number. In other words move the decimal point one place to the right in both the divisor and dividend
  • Proceed with the division as you normally would except put the decimal point in the answer or quotient exactly above where it occurs in the dividend. For example:
      4 0

Dividing Decimals