Converting Military Time to Standard Time
12:00 AM0000 hours12:30 AM0030 hours
1:00 AM0100 hours1:30 AM0130 hours
2:00 AM0200 hours2:30 AM0230 hours
3:00 AM0300 hours3:30 AM0330 hours
4:00 AM0400 hours4:30 AM0430 hours
5:00 AM0500 hours5:30 AM0530 hours
6:00 AM0600 hours6:30 AM0630 hours
7:00 AM0700 hours7:30 AM0730 hours
8:00 AM0800 hours8:30 AM0830 hours
9:00 AM0900 hours9:30 AM0930 hours
10:00 AM1000 hours10:30 AM1030 hours
11:00 AM1100 hours11:30 AM1130 hours
12:00 PM1200 hours12:30 PM1230 hours
1:00 PM1300 hours1:30 PM1330 hours
2:00 PM1400 hours2:30 PM1430 hours
3:00 PM1500 hours3:30 PM1530 hours
4:00 PM1600 hours4:30 PM1630 hours
5:00 PM1700 hours5:30 PM1730 hours
6:00 PM1800 hours6:30 PM1830 hours
7:00 PM1900 hours7:30 PM1930 hours
8:00 PM2000 hours8:30 PM2030 hours
9:00 PM2100 hours9:30 PM2130 hours
10:00 PM2200 hours10:30 PM2230 hours
11:00 PM2300 hours11:30 PM2330 hours

What is the Standard Time?